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Age-restricted Products

Our approach

We understand that some of the products we sell, such as alcohol, tobacco, energy drinks, and products containing chemical and corrosive substances that can be harmful if misused or unhealthy if consumed excessively. This is a matter of the issue our customers are concerned about. We as a responsible business take our responsibility for these products seriously.

Therefore, to support our customers and the communities we serve we will require customers to verify their age through a valid form of acceptable identity card when purchasing these age-restricted products either in-store or online. The restrictions on some of these products such as alcohol and tobacco are required by the law. Whereas in other areas for example on energy drinks and household cleaning products where there are no restrictions by the law, we take a voluntary approach to achieve this aim.

We also want to make sure our customers are informed about the effects of these products and co-operate with our approach to tackling potential misuse.


Nihant offers top-quality groceries with flawless service and unrivaled reliability. As a responsible business, we recognize our increased responsibility concerning alcohol – alcohol sales in-store, alcohol deliveries, and alcohol consumption. We also acknowledge that most of our customers relish alcohol in moderation, as part of their balanced diet. Thus, their shopping can often include alcohol as part of their household shopping. Therefore, we vehemently believe in offering a wide range of choices possible to our customers.

We prevent underage sales of alcohol by operating a Challenge 25 check. What it means is that, if our colleagues in-store believe that the person purchasing alcohol appears under 25, they will ask you for a valid form of an identity card to prove that they are over the age of 21. The same applies to the delivery, if our drivers believe the person, they are delivering to appears under 25, they will ask you for a valid form of an identity card to prove that they are over the age of 21.

If a suitable identity card is not presented during a Challenge 25 check, our colleagues at the payment counter will not allow alcohol sales. Similarly, for home delivery, the driver will remove alcohol from the bill and return it to our store. The acceptable identity cards are a driving license, college or university student card, and citizenship card.